WordPress Multiple Campaign Link Rotator

The popular HomeBizRotator rotator script has been converted to a WordPress plugin.

The HomeBizRotator script has been a very popular sequential link rotator script for years. The only small issue with it is it can be somewhat difficult to install if you don’t understand things like setting up databases and config files to talk to the database.

With this WordPress based URL rotator, now you install the plugin as you would any other plugin, it’s that simple to get started.


Here are some benefits:

  • Easy Installation
  • Create as many rotators as you want and rtate as many URL as you wish, with no restrictions.
  • Installed on your own domain/blog so you are not at the mercy of a third party rotator that may go out of business.
  • Traffic is coming to your domain, increasing it’s authority in Googles eyes.
  • Can also be used to shorten links and track hits to any website, without ever using the rotator.
  • Can use both the rotator and direct links to track your traffic hits. No need for a separate URL rotator, link shortener, or hits counter.

Here are some features:
Each rotator, rotates links in a sequential fashion.  Random link rotators are much easier to create, but I like each link getting the same number of views instead of random views. This is one of the few URL Rotators that rotates links one after the other in order.

You can name your rotators anything you’d like, as long as you don’t have a blog post or page with the same name. You can name it something as easy as “rotator”, or to be more discrete “go”, “recommends” or anything else.

The ability to add links in bulk. This is great if for example you have a spreadsheet of several links you want to rotate. Copy and paste the links into the rotator, and you’re ready to go.

Summary statistics for hits to the rotated links, and also for the direct linked links. Also includes detailed stats by day, IP and country the hits came from.

You are free to use this plugin on any WordPress installation that you own.

The WP URL Rotator is not only a link rotator, it can also be used to track clicks to links. I have replaced my click/hit tracking plugins with this rotator and use it to track hits to my links and also rotator the same sites using the same rotator links.

The Power Lead System – Hot and Viral

First just a bit of what Jeff Mills, one of the creators of the Power Lead System, wrote about it this week to his subscribers:

Paraphrased From Jeff:

“There is a feeding frenzy going on with this one…ANYONE with a local business, online business, MLM business or selling products needs a “FUNNEL” system, that captures leads, presents programs and products and roboticaly follows up with your prospects with Autoresponder messages that get delivered to the inbox, not the spam box – with the result of getting sales and new customers – which makes…MONEY….

You’ve heard of…
Pure Leverage?
Empower Network?
Carbon Copy Pro?

This is going to rival those due to it’s 100% commission system called, ACCELERATED LEVERAGE – which is a new twist on compensation models out there!”

Power Lead System

Best of all, it is free to join here!

(Those who have Aweber in particular will definitely want this, as the interface with aweber is incredibly convenient)

Whether you have Aweber or not, you’ll want to jump in now and spread the link you get because that way, being in so early, you’ll create “Powerlines” that will pay off with LEADS to your business, and potentially huge compensation if you upgrade from the free plan.

For those that do not upgrade, you still are going to be able to get a TON of leads fed up from those powerlines I was telling you about.. more leads if you upgrade.

The pay plan is similar to “Empower”, in that some of the payments “pass up” to the person who recruited you. (You actually get part of that back in a matching bonus) This creates a constant river of commissions that floats up the powerlines similar to Pure Leverage and especially Empower as two working examples of where those that get in early and create the powerlines get extremely high compensation.

Remember, this is free to join, and if it goes viral you need to be “in” and spreading around your link today, and not days from now… when it may be too late to have an easy-impact on the “IM” Marketplace. Yes, TODAY.. you have nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to gain.

Here’s the link again!

We’re in a really good spot on this one…and this has been one of the easiest programs to promote because everyone who markets online needs more leads.

– Mike

New SkyBuilder Features

Do you have a vision for your business in 2013?  I have to say that I have not been the best at setting goals (even though I know I need to set goals).

But I do know where my focus is going to be in 2013 – the mobile app world.  Creating and marketing mobile apps.

If you want to take part in the new frontier of mobile apps, you need to be able to easily create mobile apps.

You may have heard already of SkyBuilder and Greg Jacobs.

Well back in July he released SkyBuilder which at the time was the coolest, hippest and most useful Mobile App builder ever to be released on the market.

Needless to say that launch sold out and with the current batch of customers they have went on (in the last 6 months) to garner over 5 Million downloads of SkyBuilder created apps on the Android and Apple App Store with many users generating $300 a day in residual income just off of apps already installed.

Unfortunately SkyBuilder did a limited launch, so SkyBuilder has not been available to the general public for the past 6 months.  Over the past 6 months Greg and his team have been working
hard in their secret SkyBuilder labs and have brought some incredible upgrades to the software (so if you heard about it before, then it will be time to take another look).

Here is the list of new SkyBuilder features.  Keep in mind that this does not even include the already AWESOME SkyBuilder core set of features, as these are just things added in the last 6 months since the last launch.



SkyBuilder updated feature list 1-11

1 – Massive (and I do mean MASSIVE) optimization of our IOS apps output.
On initial launch some users complained that the IOS apps would load too slowly and hence they were having issues with approval.  We have solved this by changing up the framework for which IOS apps are deployed and hence our clients are getting their apps approved more regularly and consistently.

2 –  QR Coupons
This is a very innovative new feature that you can provide to small businesses that allows them to create ongoing loyalty programs for their customers.  The SkyBuilder app houses a QR Code scanner that the customer would scan every time their enter the restaurant etc.. that would then keep track and offer them some reward or coupon over time with more visits.  This is a proven customer loyalty and retention tool that SkyBuilders can offer to their clients for added value.

3 – SkyApps – This is our instant HTML 5 mobile website creator.
Sometimes a full blown app will be more than the needs of your client and they just need a mobile website put up.  SkyApps has the same point and click simplicity as SkyBuilder Apps, except that it is creating a Mobile HTML5 website for your client instead Very useful and adds value stacked proposition.

4 – New Monetization methods.
In addition to the already included Abmob network, we have added one tip integration of TapGage, an interestial network that users are reporting significant earnings with and the Everbadge uprise which is pay per install network. Just by adding these two new methods, our NICHE App clients have been able to more than double their average earnings per install in recent times.

5 – Breakout Dashboards
A long time coming, it is finally here and allows you to offer your business clients a separate white-label interface to manage their own push notifications and QR Coupons. You can charge your clients extra $ each month for this service and they will love having complete control over their own notices.

6 – Push Notifications 2.0.
The Original SkyBuilder Push Notices were a text box and a send button.  Oh have we improved.  In Push 2.0 you have the options of Rich Text Formatting, App and Push Statistics, Push  history, choice to send the push through the App or notification bar, Internationalization (can send in 35 languages) and the ability to segment pushes between Android and IOS.

7  – We have a date announced for SkyBuilders LIVE! in mid-march and will be offering tickets as a bonus for the first 100 new purchases.

8 – Tiered Pages
SkyBuilder now has the ability to create multi-layered apps with rich content for apps such as (restaurants menus, sport rosters, etc) & Niche apps (recipes, health directories) that users will keep on their phone forever. This feature alone has increase our end user’s retention rate by 20%!

9 – Internationalization
Apps are now supported for every international version of the iPhone App Store, meaning that users can dominate new, relatively untouched markets with virtually no competition.

10 – Automated Apple account setup
Setting up an Apple account is a painful process that proved to difficult for some users and provided an obstacle which caused them to refund.  We’ve created an automated system to get Apple account system setup right away & stick around!

11  – So Much more even to mention.
Things like design updates, new templates, colors and new fun addons like a Tip and Mortgage calculator completely add incremental value every step of the way.

This is a limited time launch, and when they say limited they mean it.  If you visit the link below and are not able to purchase, I’m sorry, the limited window has closed.

Ok,  if you like all that and want to get on the waiting list to buy first thing on New Years Day,  just goto this link and put in your email address to skip to the front of the line

P.S.  As a bonus I will be giving you the Android App Tutorial that normally sells for $17 (and is probably worth at least $97), my URL Rotator/Hit Tracking software that I sell for $29, and a solo ad to my list of 10K subscribers.

Is Article Spinning Dead?

I have been reading recently that Google is soon going to penalize spun content.  They went on to say that in 2013 you must manually change every word in your content if you want to “spin” content.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to manually spin every word of my content, I will just write a totally new article.

I know Google is getting smarter, and I do believe they have penalized, or not rewarded, badly spun content.  It’s easy for a reader to quickly span badly spun content, so I’m sure the geniuses at Google can write a program to spot it as well.  Even though I think bad spun content is detectable by Google, I don’t see any possible way they could detect well spun content.

I’m not worried, because the content I have spun in the past, I have done mostly by manually spinning content so it looks natural and is readable.  I have used The Best Spinner to do this for a couple of years now.

The Best Spinner has been, well “the best spinner” until recently.  I have recently taken the 5 day free trial of the Spin Rewriter, now at version 3.0.  I really didn’t plan on paying for the Spin Writer since I already have a good spinner and know how to use it.Spin Rewriter

But I was impressed with it’s auto re-write.  I can’t say that it did a perfect job with the auto rewrite, but it exceeded my expectations.  I still had to spend a few minutes doing a few spins to find where the software didn’t convey the meaning of my thoughts, but I was able to spin a high quality spin in less time than I had with my previous spinner.

I also like the interface much better and the way I was able to quickly find and correct incorrectly spun text.

The Spin Rewriter people claim that they use something called ENL semantic spinning that Google can’t detect.  I don’t know much about ENL semantics, but I do know that I was quickly able to spin an article of good quality that contained proper grammar.  I don’t see how even the great Google minds could differentiate between original content and this spun content.

[evp type=youtube width=450 height=338 cover=http://followlist.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/spinrewiterlogo.png logo=http://followlist.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Clickhere.jpg link=http://followlist.com/blog/spin-rewriter after=http://followlist.com/blog/spin-rewriter]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVjrxgVa5zM[/evp]

I was impressed enough with the Spin Rewriter to sign-up with the yearly membership, which I believe is less than The Best Spinner.

I have spun a number of articles without any problems and have increased my productivity – that’s always a good thing 🙂

If you want to make money online, content is still king, but it must be good content that makes sense with decent grammar.

Take advantage of the Spin Rewriter 5-day “no strings attached” FREE trial. You can find it here:

Remember, if you don’t like it you can always cancel before the trial is over, and pay nothing.

OptinPressor List Building Plugin

The OptinPressor WordPress plugin allows your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter via Facebook or their Gmail account. This is THE optin plugin, THE social and newsletter integration tool.

OptinPressor is really cool!

I have been seeing a lot of what I would consider junk being promoted in the WarriorForum lately, so I haven’t purchased anything for probably a month now.

But today I found a really cool, and useful, WordPress Plugin that will help you build a list.  I’m sure you know that building lists is key to building long term online stability.

OptinPressor allows you to grab the best possible email address form your visitors, reducing the number of junk email addresses that you can market to.


Users can register for your list via their Facebook, or Gmail account with a simple click, and the plugin integrates with most auto-responders.

The thing about this plugin that made me go “WOW”, was what happens when someone joins your list via Facebook.  A message about your website, with a link, is posted to their Facebook wall.

This can take your message viral, and Google will love the Facebook social link.

The OptinPressor plugin can even generate code for you, that can be used on your non-Wordpress sites.  I’m planning on implementing this for the FollowList.com registration process.

See OptinPressor in action

[evp type=youtube width=450 height=338 cover=http://followlist.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/optinpressor.jpg logo=http://followlist.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Clickhere.jpg link=http://www.warriorplus.com/linkwso/g1r0tt/15581/dfvideo after=http://www.warriorplus.com/linkwso/g1r0tt/15581/video]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvErsbuLEDY[/evp]


 You can’t deny that email marketing and social integration is the future.  This is the first optin plugin that I know of, that professionally integrates Facebook and your email marketing list.

I suggest you get OptinPressor now, and put it to work for you!

P.S.  The plugin also comes with 4 really nice bonuses – an optin course, stunning optin graphic images, mobile optin information and optin templates.

Click Here To Learn More About OptinPressor!

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer or Market Samurai?

Could I really give up my standard keyword research tool to go with the relatively unknown Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

I don’t often go out of my way to promote SEO tools – although I definitely get swamped with joint venture requests and offers to review this new thing or that.  And I’ll be honest with you, from the start, I thought something like Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer – just by its name alone – sounded shady…

I see these things all the time. People come out with shiny new software programs designed to game the system, or get you this ranking or that… and once you buy it, you never hear form them again.

I have a keyword tool that I have been using for years, and have even advertised it on this blog.  Market Samurai has been my tool of choice for a long time.  There was no way another keyword tool could challenge my goto Market Samurai tool, so why even have a look at something else.  Right???

But I did take a look and I am SO GLAD I decided give it a try. I would have kept spending hours of time combing through keywords and writing content and getting backlinks all based around keywords that could have been better.

Keyword Competition Analyzer
Keyword Competition Analyzer

I have been hitting Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer hard – stealthily grabbing relevant, incredibly low-competition keywords for some incredible topics I thought were absolutely saturated with affiliates. It even let me know which keywords had the most potential, and warned me when I was working with “terrible” keywords.

Seriously, this new tool pretty much lets you know right away when you’re targeting terrible keywords. It checks to see who the REAL competitors are for your best keywords, and delivers a list of relevant, low-competition keywords to your screen in minutes.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Delivers

Keyword research no longer has to be the chore it used to be because SKCA takes away all the tedious typing, all the CAPTCHA entering, all the slowdowns because you’re sending too many queries to Google.  Consider it all a thing of the past.

This is the kind of sophistication that you get with tools that cost $100 or more (or monthly memberships that start at $40 bucks a month) – but at a fraction of the cost. When I saw that SKCA was just $37 bucks – I really thought I’d be in for some half-baked wannabe program with non-existent support.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer on the Warrior Forum

But I found a way you can get Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer for even less.  I found it still listed as a WSO on the WarriorForum.  Hurry and go grab it there for the lowest price you will ever find it.

Go get it, start it up and just start letting Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer do all the heavy lifting.  I use it all the time now without a single incident or so much as a whimper from Google.  And if for some reason you DO have trouble, their tech support is watching out for you like a hawk. I got an answer to my most pressing question within MINUTES of ordering.

By the way, I still love Market Samurai, it does some things that SKAC doesn’t.  But for my keyword research  Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer has become my tool of choice.

WordPress Backup Creator Review

Have you backed up your Wordpress Blog lately? The Backup Creator Wordpress backup plugin makes it a snap. It’s also great for cloning blogs. This is a must have wordpress plugin for backing up.

Wordpress Backup Creator Plugin

Backup Creator Review

The WordPress Backup Creator is the brain child of Robert Plank.  I originally happened upon Robert Plank a number of years back when he launched a number of solutions and products relating to simple PHP tricks and tips that can help in online business.

If I remember precisely, one was actually titled Black Hat PHP, and I am confident that you are able to still get it today even though it was created in 2008.

I know that he was studying for his degree during that time, and was indeed utilizing information he was learning to apply it to online advertising and marketing.  He is truly one of those individuals which have the great fortune to be very technically gifted plus an online marketer.

Being familiar with him and his work lead me to have a look at Backup Creator the day this was unveiled due to the fact I recognize how Robert desires to deliver big time, and also to support his clients.

The very first day I downloaded his WordPress Backup Creator, I discovered a problem making use of the auto backup function, and I created a help support ticket.  It turned out that there seemed to be a smattering of others who had very similar difficulties.

It was definitely not Robert’s problem with respect that particular hosting companies just didn’t work in the same manner as the versions Robert had tested on.

If you’ve ever, or perhaps are ever going to,  generate applications for the internet, this really is something you’ll stumble upon for yourself.

Within a couple of hours, Robert introduced an updated version which resolved the matter plus, inside of the week that followed (and additionally since then) Robert has produced newer version to help it become better and better.

What Does Backup Creator Do?

In the first instance, it will allow a person to effortlessly begin a back up of one’s complete WordPress Blog. If you happen to have endured a hacker attack upon your hosting server, or if you have had a web server failure, or even infected web data, you know how damaging it is especially when you don’t have a good backup.

I really found out the tough way once from a site I had created. It took 2 weeks to get it back anywhere up to anything near to the previous state it was at before I had lost it, because I had not backed it up for months.

The part where Backup Creator kicks into its own is that it actually clones your total blog – plugins, themes and templates the entire lot.

This now means you may create a very simple wordpress blog set up once.  Then every time you need to set up a new blog, you simply use Backup Creator software package to make a completely functioning blog website in seconds along, with your favorite plugins coupled with themes already integrated into the backup file. This is a substantial time saver.

Let me personally step up here and point on the down sides. Any time you “clone” a blog site, you’ll discover in the event you then transfer it to the next blog, that it’s going to transfer some content over.  You will want to eliminate or change that content to whatever is appropriate for you new blog.  However this is a tiny catch once you consider the simple time saver it gives you, not to mention the security of knowing you have a good backup.

If you want a WordPress Back up program, and, or, an easy way to earn some income off of doing it, then look no further than Backup Creator.  On a last note, I have used another similar product out there, and this one beats it with ease.

This is one WordPress backup plugin I definitely recommend you consider.

wordpressbackup creator

Sounds really wonderful doesn’t it? Curious about knowing even more?

Click Here to Read a More in-depth Full Review

Love the Product – Take a look Today…

The Auto Wealth Maker – Our Straightforward Review

Is the Auto Wealth Maker course one of those programs that can show you the best way to earn online? We will be taking a closer look at this program to determine what it can do for you.

Discovering the right program that can explain to you how to make money online it’s not as simple as it seems. The Auto Wealth Maker course is one of those programs that can show you the best way to earn online and here we will be taking a closer look at this method.

This specific program is a little different in the fact that it does not rely on any of that “miracle” software you hear about nowadays.

Everyone should know that those million dollar software products aren’t effective and that is one of the first things they will tell you. This system does however show you how to become an online affiliate and drive loads of traffic to your affiliate offers so that you can make money.

For those of you who are unaware, an affiliate is someone that promotes a product and is provided with a commission for any sale they generate. When you ask anyone in the Internet marketing world, they’re going to tell you that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started making money on the web.

Even though there are lots of programs that will permit you to become an affiliate for their products, the challenging part is getting people to see your offers. In fact 95 percent of all new affiliate markers fail, this is because of the fact that they have no idea how to begin getting people to see these offers. And the Auto Wealth Maker method helps you with the customers problem.

This system is basically a software package that helps you generate automated traffic for your affiliate links.

The whole process of setting everything up is actually quite easy, first you choose an opportunity which looks good to you. And after that the next step is always to create your visitors. You will be able to have your first campaign all set within 8 minutes.

Quite simply this software takes 8 minutes to put together a website and each website you build should earn you about $10 a day. He then also tells you that the key to becoming successful is to find something that works and copy it. When you can set up a website that will earn you on average $300 monthly, when you set up multiple sites such as this you will be making more money.

As we talked about earlier getting traffic is the challenging part and this software gets the website traffic for you. When you get the people to your affiliate links, you will make money.

This product and software has one more main ingredient that really makes it well worth a try. You will get to try the software out for a full 2 months and if your not making money, you receive a full refund on your purchase price. Any time anyone puts that sort of guarantee out there, you can be pretty sure that the software is going to work.

Basically the Auto Wealth Maker program is a fresh look at making money online. You can also buy it with piece of mind as you’re able to obtain a full refund for up to 2 months. Because you will get so much with this particular software and you can begin for only $47 makes it worth it for you to have a better look for yourself.

If you need more information on the whole system you’ll find a video on their primary web page that describes this system in additional detail.

Check out the Auto Wealth Maker and get started today.

How To Boost Conversions Using Intelligent Testing and Tracking

Testing and Tracking web page conversions is often overlooked by internet marketers. Yet increasing your conversions can increase your profit by 500, 600 or even 700%

Testing for performance improvement is a method that far too few web marketers do. Ask any highly experienced online marketer, and you are going to hear the same thing every time. You can use testing to improve any sort of conversion from a sale to an opt-in. You can test landing and squeeze pages, site sales copy, sales letter copy, pre-selling copy, videos on squeeze pages, and even more.

For sales copy or squeeze pages, the best item to test first is normally the headline. Since the basic testing method involves A/B split testing, there will be no issues with it. This article will share useful information about testing and tracking.

Realize that you will have to do more than setting up a test. Whenever you read anything pertaining to testing, go ahead and presume you should perform tracking, also. You need to have a reliable tracking script installed so you can record when someone clicks on a link. You do not need tracking on squeeze pages, but it may be nice to see how many really click on the link. Very many people enjoy using Google Analytics for their tracking because it is powerful and free.

Here is a truth about writing copy – nobody gets the ultimate it can ever be right out of the gate. Website designs can contain design miscalculations that can seriously hurt your conversions. The highest paid copywriters on the planet never create the best copy they can the first time. What that means is the only way to make something the best it can be is through testing and optimizing. It really does not matter why most web marketers do not test, just make sure that you do.

For A/B split testing, you will make use of what is referred to a page rotator script . These are typically coded in PHP, and so you will simply append the PHP file extension after the URL being tested. After you have made a duplicate page with the modification to be tested, then you FTP to your web host and are all ready to start testing.

The rotator script serves a different page to every new visitor, and so you want to test or alter only one thing. Testing only one item is important because you should know what caused any conversion rate deviations. There is another method to evaluate more than one item at a time, multivariate testing, but that is somewhat complicated and we won’t talk about it in this article.

As an example, I had a product and promoted it using Adwords PPC, and then I started doing tests on it to boost conversion rates. The very first time I started advertising it, the sales copy converted less than 1%.

Then after less than four weeks, after modifications and testing, that sales copy converted at roughly seven percent. Have no question that testing and tracking your internet sites is the most sure and quickest way to realize greater results.

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