DoFollow Blogs Q and A

DoFollow Blogs Questions and Answers. I’ve had a number of questions being asked by people commenting on my blog, so I compiled a list of the most common questions on DoFollow blog and have answered them here.

I’ve had a number of questions being asked by people commenting on my blog, so I compiled a list of the most common questions on DoFollow blog and have answered them here.

In some cases I have reworded the question slightly. In all cases I have tried to protect the privacy of the commentor.

DoFollow Blog Question:
I have submitted my site listed in “website” to 5 do-follow blog posts but I don’t see anything significant yet.

My Answer:
Submitting comments on 5 dofollow blogs is good, but it may not be enough for your chosen keywords.

I noticed on your comments to my blog you used the anchor text “keyword phrase withheld to protect the poster”. If you go to Google and do an exact match search by putting quotes around your keywords like “keyword phrase withheld to protect the poster”, you will see there are 13,600,000 competing pages. That means Google has over 13 million pages listed with the exact keyword phrase that you are trying to use.

You will probably never be able to compete with that phrase, it’s just to competitive.

Instead you need to find a less competitive keyword phrase. Of course, if you pick a keyword phrase that’s too unique, you may not get any traffic to it. So, you need to find a keyword phrase with enough traffic to make it worth your while, without it being too competitive.

I have also seen people who comment on blogs using their website address, or just their first name, or some other link text in the comments “website” box.

This is useless, since people are not going to be searching for those terms. You want to use terms that people may seach for on Google.

DoFollow Blog Question:
Can you tell me exactly what do-follow blog comments are, and why some people are mad about getting comments posted to do-follow blogs.

My Answer:
Most blogs are nofollow by default. There is an html nofollow tag that tells Google to not follow that link to the target website, and to not count it for ranking purposes.

This tag was created because people learned they could comment on blogs and get link love back to their sites. So, they spammed blogs with comments that were of no value to the blog owner, and created problems for blog owners.

I have a couple of blog posts that go into more detail on what dofollow blogs are, and their benefits. One is a serious explanation of dofollow blogs, and the other contains a video I did for fun (yes, this was fun for me – I am a nerd) that is spoof of the history of dofollow blogs .

Today, there are still blog comment spammers, but there are some good WordPress plugins that catch a lot of the spam. Plus, blog owners are wanting to do more social marketing with their visitors, and so they want to encourage them to comment, by giving them a dofollow link back to their site.

Some blog owners don’t want anything to do with allowing dofollow comments, because they are afraid they will get killed with spam comments. I can understand this if you have a very high traffic blog – you wouldn’t need to encourage comments and you could be opening yourself up for a ton of comment moderation.

For newer blogs, dofollow is great, for older very high traffic blogs – probably not so much.

BlogSpot DoFollow Blog Question:
I have some blogspot blogs. I would like to give my blogs dofollow. So, how do I insert dofollow in my blog?

My Answer:
My expertise lies in the area of WordPress blogs installed on your own domains. For information of making Blogpsot Blogs DoFollow, I will refer you to a Blogspot dofollow blog expert

Do-Follow Blog Question:
I want to learn as much as possible about posting do-follow blog comments, where do I find more information?

My Answer:
I have a number of posts about dofollow blogs, commenting rules, how to identify dofollow blogs, etc. on my dofollow information blog.

If your answer is not found on this blog, leave a comment with your question and I will answer it.


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Number One Spot in Google From WordPress Plugin

I recently obtained a number one listing in Google, and a Wordpress plugin helped me obtain that number one position.

I recently obtained a number one listing in Google, and a WordPress plugin helped me obtain that number one position.

A few days ago, one of my visitors who left a comment let me know that I had the number one spot in Google for “this site uses keywordluv”.

Now, that is not exactly a competitive keyword that many people are going to be searching for. But, having the number one position for that keyword phrase brought me a number of visitors.

People looking for that phrase are either looking for the keywordluv plugin, or they are looking for blogs that are using that plugin.

Since keywordluv is a dofollow blog plugin, I’m sure people were searching on that term to find dofollow blogs.

So, I wrote this keywordluv related blog post.

If you go to that post, you will notice the title contains the keywords “this site uses keywordluv”, and if you read through the post, you will see the same phrase mentioned a couple of times.

Have you asked yourself what would ever make me think to write and optimize a post containing such a strange keyword phrase?

Well, I never would have thought of it myself. It’s all due to the WordPress “Psychic Search” plugin.

The Psychic Search plugin tracks keyword phrases that people searched on to get to your blog.

I noticed people got to my blog by searching on the keywordluv phrase. I don’t know where my blog was rated in Google for that phrase, when I noticed that phrase in my Psychic Search logs.

But, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t number one in Google since this blog had not been a keywordluv blog for very long.

So, I created a blog post, and optimized it, to give the search engines the phrase they were already finding me for. And, a few weeks later (maybe less) I found myself in the number one position for that phrase.

Once you know what visitors are searching for to find your blog, you can optimize on the terms they are using to search – when appropriate. Not all search terms will relate to your blog.

I have seen some strange search terms that lead to visitors coming to my blog. But, many search terms are related to my blog content and I will write posts related to those search phrases.

Psychic Search is a free plugin, you only have to give an email address to activate it.

So, go get your Psychic Search plugin today and find out what search terms are leading visitors to your blog.


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