Video Site Script PLR – Must Have WSO

The quickest way to finally having your own software product to sell, is to buy the Private Label Rights to an existing software product. Ideally, the PLR to a software product that has had little exposure. Here it is!

For the first time ever, and for a limited time, I am offering private label rights to my Video Clip MiniSite Builder script.

This script allows you to create unlimited niche video clip websites, or to easily add niche related videos to your current websites. The script pulls the videos from YouTube, so you are not hosting the videos themselves, and don’t have to worry about hosting disk space and bandwidth issues.

This is not the PC based video site builder that you may have seen. This is a web based video site builder. The advantage of a web based video clip site builder is that you can easily modify settings, or add new targeted keywords in a flash, right from your browser.

No more running an exe program, and stepping through screen, after screen, after screen, hoping you don’t screw up and have to start over again.

Just FTP the PHP script to your host, run the setup program in your browser, answer a few questions on one screen, and you’re done.

Learn more about the Video Clip Site Builder

This offer includes the Lite version of the script, and the Full version of the script.

The Lite version of the script is a fully functioning scaled down version of the Full Version.

I have been offering the Lite version for free in order to build a list. Once subscribers get the Lite version and see how well it works, it’s not difficult to upsell them to the Full version of the script.

I am doing a WSO (Warrior Special Offer) for the Video Script PLR, that will be end on Feb. 11th.

If you don’t know what a WSO is, you really need to become part of the WarriorForum, which is THE internet marketing forum.

WSO’s are special deals offered only to Warrior Forum members.

You can find some great deals through WSO’s.

This Video Script PLR WSO will provide you with a solid software product, that has had little exposure, ready for you to sell.

After this Video Software PLR WSO , I don’t know if I’ll offer the PLR to the script again, but if I do it will be priced much higher.

So, don’t delay, go get it right now before you get distracted :-}


Modifying Free WP Templates

So, you want to change the look of your blog, or you want to start a new blog. You want your blog to look unique, you don’t want just another Wordpress looking blog, so what do you do? How about modifying free WP templates.

So, you want to change the look of your blog, or you want to start a new blog.  You want your blog to look unique, you don’t want just another WordPress looking blog, so what do you do?

Do you search through the thousands for free wp templates and find one you like?  Then use it hoping no too many other bloggers are using it?

Or, do you pay for a template that others may be using?  Surely fewer bloggers will pay for a template and your blog will be somewhat unique.

Or, do you pay someone to build a totally custom template for you?  This would probably be fairly expensive, but it would certainly make your blog unique.

I have been asked about creating custom blog template by some customers, and answered the wp template question on my Online Tech Guy blog.

My answer is, use a free template that has the look and features you want, and then modify it if necessary to fit your specific needs.

All of my blogs use free templates with changes I have made specific to my needs.

This blog is a free template with changes I have made to the side bar, header and main page.  These changes are not hard to make if you understand where to make the changes and know a little PHP and html.

My internet marketing blog is also a free wp template, with modifications made to suit my needs.

Many of the sidebar changes can be made using the Widgets in your WP admin area.  You can do a lot of great things using the “Text” widget, by adding html and Javascript.

Making changes within the actual template PHP files can be a little more tricky.  But, there are some really cool things you can do, and you can display any information that is in your WP database anywhere you want.

If you are not comfortable making those changes to the code of your template, I suggest you hire someone to do it.  Okay here is a selfish plug – you can hire me 🙂

Here are just a few examples of some of the blogs I have modified to make them look unique.

Get Back With Your Ex Blog

Pulsatile Tinnitus Blog

These two blogs use the same template, and look somewhat alike.  But if you look closely, you will see there are distinct differences between the two.

I am considering offering a blog customization service, where I will customize blogs for a fee.  What do you think?  It would be less expensive than a custom built blog, and would give free wp template blogs more of a custom look.

I would appreciate your thoughts.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.  In return, you will get a keyword targeted dofollow link back to your site.  Comments are moderated and a “I think that’s a great idea” comment will be removed.  So, please leave a comment that will add value to the discussion.


Blog Spammer Fooled Me

Blog comment spammers can be creative enough to fool the best of us. Here is one that got me!

I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my blog?
Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Timur.

I recently received that comment on my blog.  I was pleased that Timur liked my blog post and wanted to copy it to his own blog.  You know you’re doing things right when you get blog comments like this – right?

Well, not in this case!  I have more than one blog, and guess what I found?  This same exact comment showed up on more than one of my blogs.  This is a blog spam comment.

I have to admit, I fell for it when I saw it the first time, but of course when I saw it on the second blog I knew it was spam.

The comment was flagged as spam by Spam Karma on my other blog, so someone had already caught on to this spammer and had flagged them as spam.  I also flagged it as spam, so Timur (if that’s the spammers real name) will not be getting as many backlinks as he thought he would.

The lessons learned here are, that you must be using a spam detecting plugin like Askimet or Spam Karma on you blog.  And, you need to be on your guard for these clever comments that appear real and flattering.


New DoFollow Blog List Widget

I have just added a dofollow blog list widget to my blog, and you can get the widget too. You can see the widget in the left column.

New DoFollow Blog List Widget

I have just added a dofollow blog list widget to my blog, and you can get the widget too.  You can see the widget in the left column.

Actually, the dofollow blog widget is my own creation.  It takes dofollow blogs that are listed in the dofollow blog directory, and randomly displays 7 dofollow blogs of the day.

You can get the same widget to put on your blog by simply clicking on “Get Widget” at the bottom of the widget.  Then simply copy the widget code, login to your admin panel, goto Design, Widgets, select where you want the widget (this will vary depending on what WordPress theme you are using).  Then select a “Text” widget to add a text widget, and paste the code into the widget.

That may sound complicated but it’s really not if you have installed any widgets at all.  If you need help with that, let me know and I can create a video explaining how to do WordPress widget installation.

Why would you want to use this dofollow blog list widget?

If you don’t have a dofollow blog, but you are commenting on dofollow blogs, you can use this widget to make posting on dofollow blogs easier.  You can install this widget on your blog, then visit your blog daily, and click on each widget blog link to go to that blog and post comments.  Instead of going through the work of finding dofollow blogs, they are listed right there in the widget.

If you prefer to not install the widget on your blog, you can just bookmark this blog and come back each day to do your daily dofollow blog comment posting.

There is really no reason not to install the widget on your blog.  It’s Javascript so the search engines will not see the widget, or it’s out going links.

By installing the dofollow widget on your blog you can help spread the word about the DoFollow Blog Directory and more people will add their blogs to the directory, which will result in you getting more dofollow blogs to comment on.

If you do have a dofollow blog, you should first make sure you have your blog listed in my do-follow blog directory.  Then your blog will be displayed in the widget randomly as dofollow blog of the day.

You can then help spread the word about the widget by installing it on your blog.  This will result in your blog being seen more often through the widget, as the widget spreads, bringing you more visitors.

If you need help with, or have questions about, the dofollow blog list widget, please leave them in the comments.