Weekly DoFollow Blogs Tweets for 2010-01-31

This week’s dofollow niche blogs that have been verified as dofollow, and have been tweeted about include blogs about gadets, football wallpapers, favorite TV shows, photography, laser hair removal and more.

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Weekly DoFollow Blogs Tweets for 2010-01-24

The first weeks tweets of dofollow blogs, include the niches of health benefits, green tea, pregnant exercises, home based opportunities, health, food and cooking. To receive daily updates of verified dofollow blogs follow dofollowblogs on Twitter.

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I Will Send You Tweets of DoFollow Blogs

I will be sending Twitter Tweets of blogs in the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog directory that I have verified to be DoFollow. This is good news for you if you are looking for DoFollow blogs to comment on.

I have made another change to the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog Directory.

I will be sending Twitter Tweets of blogs in the directory that I have verified to be DoFollow.

This is good news for you if you are looking for DoFollow blogs to comment on.

Unfortunately, some blogs in the DoFollow list are actually nofollow blogs. In order to cleanup the directory and weed out dead blogs and nofollow blogs, I have asked users to report those blogs as they come across them.

In addition, I am randomly reviewing blogs in the directory a number of times a day. As I come across valid dofollow blogs, I will tweet you about them. If they are not dofollow, I will be suspending them.

So, when you follow my Twitter Tweets, you will know that blogs mentioned in those tweets have been verified as being dofollow.

If you have a blog in the DoFollow Blog Directory that has been verified to be a dofollow blog, I will be tweeting your blog.

Initially, I thought about tweeting new blogs as they were submitted to the Followlist.com dofollow blog list, but that would not have been fair to those who have been a member of the list for some time.

So, I will be randomly choosing blogs throughout the day that are dofollow and are family appropriate. All dofollow blogs will be tweeted about once, until all are done, and then I will start the process again.

So, follow me at http://twitter.com/dofollowblogs and keep a look out for your blog.

By the way, if you discover that your blog is no longer in the directory, it is probably because it was tagged as a nofollow blog. The database still contains your blog information, and your blog can be added back into the dofollow list if you make your blog dofollow. Just contact me at my Helpdesk and let me know your blog is now dofollow and provide me with your blog link. If I verify that your blog is dofollow, I will add it back into the directory.

Please Report Non DoFollow Blogs

You can now report blogs in the followlist.com dofollow blog directory that are nofollow blogs. This will help make the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keep it free!

This has been a little late in coming, but you can now report blogs, in the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog Directory, that are not dofollow.

Since it is impossible for me to monitor all the blogs in the directory, I need your help flagging those blogs. Below each blog, you will see a “Report Blog As DoFollow or Inappropriate” link.

Clicking on this link will open a new window that will allow you to submit that blog for review. I will then review the blogs and either suspend them from the blog list, or okay them as being dofollow and appropriate.

Suspended blogs will no longer be shown in the directory. Blogs that I okay will remain in the directory, but will have been identified as having been reported in the past.

As you are visiting blogs in the dofollow blog list, please report blogs that are nofollow, are not family friendly, or go to a dead site.

When flagging a site you think it is nofollow, please make sure you have actually looked at comments on the blog and have made sure those comments are indeed nofollow.

Here are some ways to find out if the blog comment links are dofollow or nofollow.

Thank you for your help in making the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keeping it free!

Deleting Dofollow Blog Comments

Proper commenting on dofollow blogs is key to maintaining those links long term. Leaving bad comments is sure to result in not getting those incoming links. Here are two more types of comments that I will delete.

Dofollow Blog Commenting

First of all, here’s to a happy and prosperous 2010 to you!

Over the last few weeks, I have been going through the comments on the blog, and deleting a ton of them.

For those of you who have made great comments – thank you, and I’m sorry your great comments have been over shadowed by the all too many crappy comments that seem to dominate popular do follow blogs.

My goal is to login each day and delete the comments that need to be deleted. This is not my favorite task, and a task that adds no money to my pocket, but it needs to be done daily. Bear with me if I miss a few days.

After reading through a lot of comments, I am seeing a trend of comments that I will be deleting.

First, I have seen a lot of comments similar to “Do follow blogs is a great thing in the field of SEO.” or “Thanks for the DoFollow blog list”. These are comments that I have allowed in the past, but I will no longer be allowing.

This type of comment is relevant, but it is too short and does not really add any value to the blog comments. It suggest you really do read the post you are commenting on, and then leave 2-3 sentences of content that are relevant and make sense if you want your comment approved.

I have also seen a lot of those commenting leaving links in their comments. If you have read my dofollow blog comment rules, you will find that I do not allow links in the comments.

Here is the rule:
“4. Don’t use your comments to list every website you own. After leaving some good comments, don’t blatantly advertise your other websites. I’m already giving you an incoming link with your selected anchor text. If you add additional websites, I probably won’t approve your comments.

If you add a website in the comments that is directly related to the discussion, even if it’s yours, I will allow it. If I think you are just trying to get more links, I won’t allow it.”

I am already giving you a dofollow link with your chosen keyword text in the title, don’t take advantage of me by trying to get one in the comment text. Unfortunately, I have deleted some good comments because they included a link in their comment, advertising another of their websites. The only exception is if the website is relevant to the topic and contains information what will help others. I have found that this is rarely the case.

So remember, keep the comments good – about 2-3 sentences related to the blog post topic, and don’t include links in the comments and you will probably be approved, giving you a long term incoming link.

In a few days I will be posting about how the Followlist.com Dofollow Blog List is about to get even better.