The Auto Wealth Maker – Our Straightforward Review

Is the Auto Wealth Maker course one of those programs that can show you the best way to earn online? We will be taking a closer look at this program to determine what it can do for you.

Discovering the right program that can explain to you how to make money online it’s not as simple as it seems. The Auto Wealth Maker course is one of those programs that can show you the best way to earn online and here we will be taking a closer look at this method.

This specific program is a little different in the fact that it does not rely on any of that “miracle” software you hear about nowadays.

Everyone should know that those million dollar software products aren’t effective and that is one of the first things they will tell you. This system does however show you how to become an online affiliate and drive loads of traffic to your affiliate offers so that you can make money.

For those of you who are unaware, an affiliate is someone that promotes a product and is provided with a commission for any sale they generate. When you ask anyone in the Internet marketing world, they’re going to tell you that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to get started making money on the web.

Even though there are lots of programs that will permit you to become an affiliate for their products, the challenging part is getting people to see your offers. In fact 95 percent of all new affiliate markers fail, this is because of the fact that they have no idea how to begin getting people to see these offers. And the Auto Wealth Maker method helps you with the customers problem.

This system is basically a software package that helps you generate automated traffic for your affiliate links.

The whole process of setting everything up is actually quite easy, first you choose an opportunity which looks good to you. And after that the next step is always to create your visitors. You will be able to have your first campaign all set within 8 minutes.

Quite simply this software takes 8 minutes to put together a website and each website you build should earn you about $10 a day. He then also tells you that the key to becoming successful is to find something that works and copy it. When you can set up a website that will earn you on average $300 monthly, when you set up multiple sites such as this you will be making more money.

As we talked about earlier getting traffic is the challenging part and this software gets the website traffic for you. When you get the people to your affiliate links, you will make money.

This product and software has one more main ingredient that really makes it well worth a try. You will get to try the software out for a full 2 months and if your not making money, you receive a full refund on your purchase price. Any time anyone puts that sort of guarantee out there, you can be pretty sure that the software is going to work.

Basically the Auto Wealth Maker program is a fresh look at making money online. You can also buy it with piece of mind as you’re able to obtain a full refund for up to 2 months. Because you will get so much with this particular software and you can begin for only $47 makes it worth it for you to have a better look for yourself.

If you need more information on the whole system you’ll find a video on their primary web page that describes this system in additional detail.

Check out the Auto Wealth Maker and get started today.

How To Boost Conversions Using Intelligent Testing and Tracking

Testing and Tracking web page conversions is often overlooked by internet marketers. Yet increasing your conversions can increase your profit by 500, 600 or even 700%

Testing for performance improvement is a method that far too few web marketers do. Ask any highly experienced online marketer, and you are going to hear the same thing every time. You can use testing to improve any sort of conversion from a sale to an opt-in. You can test landing and squeeze pages, site sales copy, sales letter copy, pre-selling copy, videos on squeeze pages, and even more.

For sales copy or squeeze pages, the best item to test first is normally the headline. Since the basic testing method involves A/B split testing, there will be no issues with it. This article will share useful information about testing and tracking.

Realize that you will have to do more than setting up a test. Whenever you read anything pertaining to testing, go ahead and presume you should perform tracking, also. You need to have a reliable tracking script installed so you can record when someone clicks on a link. You do not need tracking on squeeze pages, but it may be nice to see how many really click on the link. Very many people enjoy using Google Analytics for their tracking because it is powerful and free.

Here is a truth about writing copy – nobody gets the ultimate it can ever be right out of the gate. Website designs can contain design miscalculations that can seriously hurt your conversions. The highest paid copywriters on the planet never create the best copy they can the first time. What that means is the only way to make something the best it can be is through testing and optimizing. It really does not matter why most web marketers do not test, just make sure that you do.

For A/B split testing, you will make use of what is referred to a page rotator script . These are typically coded in PHP, and so you will simply append the PHP file extension after the URL being tested. After you have made a duplicate page with the modification to be tested, then you FTP to your web host and are all ready to start testing.

The rotator script serves a different page to every new visitor, and so you want to test or alter only one thing. Testing only one item is important because you should know what caused any conversion rate deviations. There is another method to evaluate more than one item at a time, multivariate testing, but that is somewhat complicated and we won’t talk about it in this article.

As an example, I had a product and promoted it using Adwords PPC, and then I started doing tests on it to boost conversion rates. The very first time I started advertising it, the sales copy converted less than 1%.

Then after less than four weeks, after modifications and testing, that sales copy converted at roughly seven percent. Have no question that testing and tracking your internet sites is the most sure and quickest way to realize greater results.