Fun With Do-Follow Blogs

I am an advocate of do-follow blogs. For more information on do-follow blogs, please see my “What are Do-Follow Blogs?” Post.

As I started writing about do-follow blogs, versus no-follow blogs I tried to put some fun into it šŸ™‚

Here is my fun history lesson on do-follow blogs.


In the beginning there was the internet, created by Al Gore, and it was good! Then man discovered that he could do commerce over the internet, and it was good.

Man discovered how to use search engines to get traffic to their websites, and it was good. Man then discovered they could increase their rank with the search engines and get more traffic by getting incoming links coming to their websites. The force was with them.

Soon the dark side of some men started to take advantage of the search engines, and gather incoming links by spamming links all over the internet – and it was bad.

So, the internet rocket scientists created a new html attribute – the nofollow tag to keep the dark side from getting unwarranted link standing from spamming links. The nofollow tag told the search engines to not travel to that link and to disregard adding it to their all powerful search engine.

So, the dark side was punished, but so were the wise ones who followed all of the search engine rules.

Some years later, the content management system was born – and it was good. A Word was Pressed into being and it became a major CMS platform – and it was easy.

Soon this WordPress was being used all over Al Gore’s internet, and rocket scientists no longer had control over the internet. Even those of lowly stature, like lawyers, could easily create internet content using blogs – this was good (or was it?).

Sensing the force was with them, WordPress created their blogs using the nofollow attribute by default so comment links could not be used to gather search engine power. This made sense since the dark side continued to spam, including spamming blog comments.

Soon, those in control of their blog empires where introduced to karma that controlled the dark side spam comments – this was good. This good karma kept the dark side in check by not allowing most spam comments to be displayed on the blogs of the wise ones.

Then the community of Web 2.0 was born, and it was good. Blog owners were pleased when the wise added appropriate comments to their blog posts. But, because of the nofollow tag, some would not take the time to make appropriate comments because they knew there would be no benefit to them in their limited time continuum.

So someone of great knowledge developed a software saber to plug in to the great WordPress. This plugin allowed the wise ones, in the Web 2.0 universe, to turn off the nofollow attribute and once again allow the do-follow of links to the great sites of those who comment on their blogs.

The good karma and the do-follow plugin lead to a movement of wise men who gave link force to those who added appropriate comments to their blogs. This encouraged many to comment and become good members of the wise one’s blog communities – and it was very, very good!

Now all is right with the universe, and you too can join this growing community of wise ones, who are turning their blogs into do-follow blogs.

Here is how you can turn your blog into a Do-Follow Blog.

Then let the force be with you and let the wise ones know that you have joined the Do-Follow Community by listing your blog in the Do-Follow Blog Directory.

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