New DoFollow Blog Comment Strategy

Today I discovered a new dofollow blog comment strategy. If you have a dofollow blog, you need to know this new strategy. If you comment on dofollow blogs, I have some advice for you.

If you are thinking about commenting on this dofollow blog, I welcome and value your comments.

You do need to know that I monitor the comments closely, and I do delete comments that are not related to the post topic.

The reason I have to monitor comments closely, is there will always be people who try to cheat the system.

By reading comments posted to this blog, I recently discovered a new dofollow blog comment strategy.  If you have a dofollow blog, you need to know about this new strategy.  If you comment on dofollow blogs, I will have some advice for you.

I noticed an interesting comment on this blog.  The comment stated “Is generating dofollow blog backlink traffic really worth the time and effort that it takes to make quality comments on dofollow blogs? Does it really work? I am a strong advocate of dofollow blogs, which is why I blog about it, and I can tell you that my experience tells me that it does work.”

I thought, that sure sounds familiar.  Of course it was familiar, it was the first paragraph of a post I made on this very blog a few days ago – see  Dofollow Blog Backlink Traffic.

This comment was not left on the above post, it was left as a comment on a different blog post.

So, it appears someone is extracting the first paragraph of a post, then posting that as a comment on a different post of the same blog, to get a backlink that looks like a valid comment.

I am guessing this is an automated, or semi-automated process that was designed to post a lot of comments in a short period of time.  This is a very clever strategy, and would have gone unnoticed if I didn’t actually read my blog comments.

But, I did catch it and this person will not get a backlink from me because I consider this – blog comment spam.  This time I just deleted the comment, if I see it again from the same person, I will flag it as spam.  If I start seeing it used more often by different people, I will flag them all as spam.

If your blog is a dofollow blog, you really need to watch your comments closely and not let people take advantage of you giving them a backlink.  Don’t reward people who are trying to cheat the system.

If you comment on dofollow blogs and are tempted to try something similar, don’t do it.  Sooner or later you will be discovered, and your blog comments will be flagged as spam.  Then your blog comments will disappear, and you will only have yourself to blame.


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