Please Report Non DoFollow Blogs

You can now report blogs in the dofollow blog directory that are nofollow blogs. This will help make the DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keep it free!

This has been a little late in coming, but you can now report blogs, in the DoFollow Blog Directory, that are not dofollow.

Since it is impossible for me to monitor all the blogs in the directory, I need your help flagging those blogs. Below each blog, you will see a “Report Blog As DoFollow or Inappropriate” link.

Clicking on this link will open a new window that will allow you to submit that blog for review. I will then review the blogs and either suspend them from the blog list, or okay them as being dofollow and appropriate.

Suspended blogs will no longer be shown in the directory. Blogs that I okay will remain in the directory, but will have been identified as having been reported in the past.

As you are visiting blogs in the dofollow blog list, please report blogs that are nofollow, are not family friendly, or go to a dead site.

When flagging a site you think it is nofollow, please make sure you have actually looked at comments on the blog and have made sure those comments are indeed nofollow.

Here are some ways to find out if the blog comment links are dofollow or nofollow.

Thank you for your help in making the DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keeping it free!

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