The Power Lead System – Hot and Viral

First just a bit of what Jeff Mills, one of the creators of the Power Lead System, wrote about it this week to his subscribers:

Paraphrased From Jeff:

“There is a feeding frenzy going on with this one…ANYONE with a local business, online business, MLM business or selling products needs a “FUNNEL” system, that captures leads, presents programs and products and roboticaly follows up with your prospects with Autoresponder messages that get delivered to the inbox, not the spam box – with the result of getting sales and new customers – which makes…MONEY….

You’ve heard of…
Pure Leverage?
Empower Network?
Carbon Copy Pro?

This is going to rival those due to it’s 100% commission system called, ACCELERATED LEVERAGE – which is a new twist on compensation models out there!”

Power Lead System

Best of all, it is free to join here!

(Those who have Aweber in particular will definitely want this, as the interface with aweber is incredibly convenient)

Whether you have Aweber or not, you’ll want to jump in now and spread the link you get because that way, being in so early, you’ll create “Powerlines” that will pay off with LEADS to your business, and potentially huge compensation if you upgrade from the free plan.

For those that do not upgrade, you still are going to be able to get a TON of leads fed up from those powerlines I was telling you about.. more leads if you upgrade.

The pay plan is similar to “Empower”, in that some of the payments “pass up” to the person who recruited you. (You actually get part of that back in a matching bonus) This creates a constant river of commissions that floats up the powerlines similar to Pure Leverage and especially Empower as two working examples of where those that get in early and create the powerlines get extremely high compensation.

Remember, this is free to join, and if it goes viral you need to be “in” and spreading around your link today, and not days from now… when it may be too late to have an easy-impact on the “IM” Marketplace. Yes, TODAY.. you have nothing to lose, and potentially a lot to gain.

Here’s the link again!

We’re in a really good spot on this one…and this has been one of the easiest programs to promote because everyone who markets online needs more leads.

– Mike

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