WordPress Backup Creator Review

Have you backed up your Wordpress Blog lately? The Backup Creator Wordpress backup plugin makes it a snap. It’s also great for cloning blogs. This is a must have wordpress plugin for backing up.

Wordpress Backup Creator Plugin

Backup Creator Review

The WordPress Backup Creator is the brain child of Robert Plank.  I originally happened upon Robert Plank a number of years back when he launched a number of solutions and products relating to simple PHP tricks and tips that can help in online business.

If I remember precisely, one was actually titled Black Hat PHP, and I am confident that you are able to still get it today even though it was created in 2008.

I know that he was studying for his degree during that time, and was indeed utilizing information he was learning to apply it to online advertising and marketing.  He is truly one of those individuals which have the great fortune to be very technically gifted plus an online marketer.

Being familiar with him and his work lead me to have a look at Backup Creator the day this was unveiled due to the fact I recognize how Robert desires to deliver big time, and also to support his clients.

The very first day I downloaded his WordPress Backup Creator, I discovered a problem making use of the auto backup function, and I created a help support ticket.  It turned out that there seemed to be a smattering of others who had very similar difficulties.

It was definitely not Robert’s problem with respect that particular hosting companies just didn’t work in the same manner as the versions Robert had tested on.

If you’ve ever, or perhaps are ever going to,  generate applications for the internet, this really is something you’ll stumble upon for yourself.

Within a couple of hours, Robert introduced an updated version which resolved the matter plus, inside of the week that followed (and additionally since then) Robert has produced newer version to help it become better and better.

What Does Backup Creator Do?

In the first instance, it will allow a person to effortlessly begin a back up of one’s complete WordPress Blog. If you happen to have endured a hacker attack upon your hosting server, or if you have had a web server failure, or even infected web data, you know how damaging it is especially when you don’t have a good backup.

I really found out the tough way once from a site I had created. It took 2 weeks to get it back anywhere up to anything near to the previous state it was at before I had lost it, because I had not backed it up for months.

The part where Backup Creator kicks into its own is that it actually clones your total blog – plugins, themes and templates the entire lot.

This now means you may create a very simple wordpress blog set up once.  Then every time you need to set up a new blog, you simply use Backup Creator software package to make a completely functioning blog website in seconds along, with your favorite plugins coupled with themes already integrated into the backup file. This is a substantial time saver.

Let me personally step up here and point on the down sides. Any time you “clone” a blog site, you’ll discover in the event you then transfer it to the next blog, that it’s going to transfer some content over.  You will want to eliminate or change that content to whatever is appropriate for you new blog.  However this is a tiny catch once you consider the simple time saver it gives you, not to mention the security of knowing you have a good backup.

If you want a WordPress Back up program, and, or, an easy way to earn some income off of doing it, then look no further than Backup Creator.  On a last note, I have used another similar product out there, and this one beats it with ease.

This is one WordPress backup plugin I definitely recommend you consider.

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Sounds really wonderful doesn’t it? Curious about knowing even more?

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