Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer or Market Samurai?

Could I really give up my standard keyword research tool to go with the relatively unknown Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer?

I don’t often go out of my way to promote SEO tools – although I definitely get swamped with joint venture requests and offers to review this new thing or that.  And I’ll be honest with you, from the start, I thought something like Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer – just by its name alone – sounded shady…

I see these things all the time. People come out with shiny new software programs designed to game the system, or get you this ranking or that… and once you buy it, you never hear form them again.

I have a keyword tool that I have been using for years, and have even advertised it on this blog.  Market Samurai has been my tool of choice for a long time.  There was no way another keyword tool could challenge my goto Market Samurai tool, so why even have a look at something else.  Right???

But I did take a look and I am SO GLAD I decided give it a try. I would have kept spending hours of time combing through keywords and writing content and getting backlinks all based around keywords that could have been better.

Keyword Competition Analyzer
Keyword Competition Analyzer

I have been hitting Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer hard – stealthily grabbing relevant, incredibly low-competition keywords for some incredible topics I thought were absolutely saturated with affiliates. It even let me know which keywords had the most potential, and warned me when I was working with “terrible” keywords.

Seriously, this new tool pretty much lets you know right away when you’re targeting terrible keywords. It checks to see who the REAL competitors are for your best keywords, and delivers a list of relevant, low-competition keywords to your screen in minutes.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer Delivers

Keyword research no longer has to be the chore it used to be because SKCA takes away all the tedious typing, all the CAPTCHA entering, all the slowdowns because you’re sending too many queries to Google.  Consider it all a thing of the past.

This is the kind of sophistication that you get with tools that cost $100 or more (or monthly memberships that start at $40 bucks a month) – but at a fraction of the cost. When I saw that SKCA was just $37 bucks – I really thought I’d be in for some half-baked wannabe program with non-existent support.

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer on the Warrior Forum

But I found a way you can get Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer for even less.  I found it still listed as a WSO on the WarriorForum.  Hurry and go grab it there for the lowest price you will ever find it.

Go get it, start it up and just start letting Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer do all the heavy lifting.  I use it all the time now without a single incident or so much as a whimper from Google.  And if for some reason you DO have trouble, their tech support is watching out for you like a hawk. I got an answer to my most pressing question within MINUTES of ordering.

By the way, I still love Market Samurai, it does some things that SKAC doesn’t.  But for my keyword research  Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer has become my tool of choice.