Is Article Spinning Dead?

I have been reading recently that Google is soon going to penalize spun content.  They went on to say that in 2013 you must manually change every word in your content if you want to “spin” content.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to manually spin every word of my content, I will just write a totally new article.

I know Google is getting smarter, and I do believe they have penalized, or not rewarded, badly spun content.  It’s easy for a reader to quickly span badly spun content, so I’m sure the geniuses at Google can write a program to spot it as well.  Even though I think bad spun content is detectable by Google, I don’t see any possible way they could detect well spun content.

I’m not worried, because the content I have spun in the past, I have done mostly by manually spinning content so it looks natural and is readable.  I have used The Best Spinner to do this for a couple of years now.

The Best Spinner has been, well “the best spinner” until recently.  I have recently taken the 5 day free trial of the Spin Rewriter, now at version 3.0.  I really didn’t plan on paying for the Spin Writer since I already have a good spinner and know how to use it.Spin Rewriter

But I was impressed with it’s auto re-write.  I can’t say that it did a perfect job with the auto rewrite, but it exceeded my expectations.  I still had to spend a few minutes doing a few spins to find where the software didn’t convey the meaning of my thoughts, but I was able to spin a high quality spin in less time than I had with my previous spinner.

I also like the interface much better and the way I was able to quickly find and correct incorrectly spun text.

The Spin Rewriter people claim that they use something called ENL semantic spinning that Google can’t detect.  I don’t know much about ENL semantics, but I do know that I was quickly able to spin an article of good quality that contained proper grammar.  I don’t see how even the great Google minds could differentiate between original content and this spun content.

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I was impressed enough with the Spin Rewriter to sign-up with the yearly membership, which I believe is less than The Best Spinner.

I have spun a number of articles without any problems and have increased my productivity – that’s always a good thing 🙂

If you want to make money online, content is still king, but it must be good content that makes sense with decent grammar.

Take advantage of the Spin Rewriter 5-day “no strings attached” FREE trial. You can find it here:

Remember, if you don’t like it you can always cancel before the trial is over, and pay nothing.