WordPress Multiple Campaign Link Rotator

The popular HomeBizRotator rotator script has been converted to a WordPress plugin.

The HomeBizRotator script has been a very popular sequential link rotator script for years. The only small issue with it is it can be somewhat difficult to install if you don’t understand things like setting up databases and config files to talk to the database.

With this WordPress based URL rotator, now you install the plugin as you would any other plugin, it’s that simple to get started.


Here are some benefits:

  • Easy Installation
  • Create as many rotators as you want and rtate as many URL as you wish, with no restrictions.
  • Installed on your own domain/blog so you are not at the mercy of a third party rotator that may go out of business.
  • Traffic is coming to your domain, increasing it’s authority in Googles eyes.
  • Can also be used to shorten links and track hits to any website, without ever using the rotator.
  • Can use both the rotator and direct links to track your traffic hits. No need for a separate URL rotator, link shortener, or hits counter.

Here are some features:
Each rotator, rotates links in a sequential fashion.  Random link rotators are much easier to create, but I like each link getting the same number of views instead of random views. This is one of the few URL Rotators that rotates links one after the other in order.

You can name your rotators anything you’d like, as long as you don’t have a blog post or page with the same name. You can name it something as easy as “rotator”, or to be more discrete “go”, “recommends” or anything else.

The ability to add links in bulk. This is great if for example you have a spreadsheet of several links you want to rotate. Copy and paste the links into the rotator, and you’re ready to go.

Summary statistics for hits to the rotated links, and also for the direct linked links. Also includes detailed stats by day, IP and country the hits came from.

You are free to use this plugin on any WordPress installation that you own.

The WP URL Rotator is not only a link rotator, it can also be used to track clicks to links. I have replaced my click/hit tracking plugins with this rotator and use it to track hits to my links and also rotator the same sites using the same rotator links.