Backlinks From The DoFollow Blog Directory

Now you get another dofollow backlink from the dofollow blog directory – and you don’t have to do anything to get it 🙂

If your blog is not dofollow yet, it should be. You can find out more about dofollow blogs here.
After you have changed your blog to dofollow, I suggest you add it to my dofollow blog directory.

Adding your blog to the directory will help those looking to post on your blog, find your blog. Plus you get a dofollow backlink from the directory.

DoFollow Blog Directory
Now, when you add your blog to my dofollow blog directory, you will also get a dofollow link from is a social bookmarking, voting site similar to Digg, that is dofollow enabled.

All blogs in the FollowList blog directory are automatically being imported into the, DoFollow Digg Clone. You don’t have to do anything, this is being done automatically.

DoFollow Digg Clone

Note: If you don’t see your blog in the listings, it just means it hasn’t been imported yet, but it will. I want the EFixx Digg clone service to import the blogs slowly, over time, to appear as natural as possible, to get Google to love it – making your backlink more valuable.

I have big plans for your links in the dofollow blog directory, adding them to EFixx is just the first step. I have plans to have them added to several other Digg clone sites (maybe even your own Digg clone site) to increase your backlink exposure.

By the way, feel free to add all your blog posts to, to get a backlink to those posts. You simply register at the DoFollow Digg Clone site and submit links to your blog posts, articles, and even your websites.

Next time I will need to talk about getting the most from the data you provide the dofollow blog directory.


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