Building your first email list!

Here is an example of what you can do with the Builderall Facebook Messenger Chatbot Builder. Just one of the great Builderall tools. This was built with the Builderall chatbot builder and then integrated into WordPress. You can integrate the great tools you easily build with Builderall into any website. I prefer using the Builderall… Continue reading Building your first email list!

WordPress Multiple Campaign Link Rotator

The popular HomeBizRotator rotator script has been converted to a WordPress plugin. The HomeBizRotator script has been a very popular sequential link rotator script for years. The only small issue with it is it can be somewhat difficult to install if you don’t understand things like setting up databases and config files to talk to… Continue reading WordPress Multiple Campaign Link Rotator

Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer or Market Samurai?

Could I really give up my standard keyword research tool to go with the relatively unknown Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer? I don’t often go out of my way to promote SEO tools – although I definitely get swamped with joint venture requests and offers to review this new thing or that.  And I’ll be honest… Continue reading Stealth Keyword Competition Analyzer or Market Samurai?

Recent DoFollow Blog Directory Changes

I have made a number of significant changes to the DoFollow Blog Directory at I have blogged about those changes as I have made them, but I thought a short summary was in order since I think a number of users of the directory have missed the recent changes.

I Will Send You Tweets of DoFollow Blogs

I will be sending Twitter Tweets of blogs in the DoFollow Blog directory that I have verified to be DoFollow. This is good news for you if you are looking for DoFollow blogs to comment on.

Please Report Non DoFollow Blogs

You can now report blogs in the dofollow blog directory that are nofollow blogs. This will help make the DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keep it free!

Deleting Dofollow Blog Comments

Proper commenting on dofollow blogs is key to maintaining those links long term. Leaving bad comments is sure to result in not getting those incoming links. Here are two more types of comments that I will delete.