Criticizing DoFollow Blogs

I follow the dofollow blog movement closely, and I’ve seen a number of blog owners criticize the dofollow blog movement.

There main criticisms are:

1. If you go dofollow on your blog, you are inviting comment spam – it’s just not worth it.

2. If you write good content on your blog, people will comment anyway, so you don’t need to go dofollow. So, you should pay no attention to nofollow vs. dofollow when commenting on blogs.

Now, I’m not going to totally discount those two opinions, there is some truth to both.

But, those blog owners need to understand a few things.

1. As an owner of 4 dofollow blogs, I spend about 5 minutes per day total, moderating comments on those blogs and deleting those comments that don’t add value.

So, the spam comment is really not a valid comment, unless you have a very high traffic blog.

I would guess that very high traffic blogs could have a difficult time moderating hundreds or thousands of comments.

Of course, if you have a very high traffic blog, you don’t need to be dofollow because you already have the visitors.

You will need a spam comment plugin regardless of whether your blog is dofollow, or nofollow – Askimet is a good one and is included with WordPress. SpamKarma is the one that I use.

2. Just because you have great content does not mean I am going to comment on your blog. I, like most people, am a very busy person. I visit a number of blogs during the day and read some good content. I may Stumble your blog, or social bookmark it, but if your blog is nofollow the chances of me taking the time to comment are very slim.

If I am looking at two blogs of equal quality content, and one is dofollow while the other is nofollow, which one do you think I am going to spend my time commenting on?

I have news for you nofollow blog owners with this attitude – your content is not so great, it’s not so much better than many other blogger’s, that I am going to comment strictly based on your content. Perhaps I am being too honest here, but that is reality.

Okay, I have to make a disclaimer here – I may comment on your nofollow blog to explain to you that you are wrong in your opinion of dofollow blogs, but that is the only time I comment on nofollow blogs.

As I stated earlier, I read a number of blogs daily, and many are very good – but I may have not commented on your blog because you are nofollow and I will save my commenting time for a blog that is dofollow.

It’s also interesting to note that most of these nofollow bloggers that criticize dofollow blogs, have very, very few comments on them. Even when their content is very good.

These blog owners are missing out on a very good opportunity to get more comments, and more readers just by going dofollow.

People are actively looking for dofollow blogs. Yes, they are doing that with the intent to post comments and build back links. But, most will read the post they are commenting on, and then leave quality comments.

Are people actively looking for your nofollow blog?

There will always be critics of the dofollow blog movement, and that’s okay – if every blog owner went dofollow, we would lose the advantage we have being dofollow blog owners.

Remember, those people actively looking for your dofollow blog? Help them find you by listing your blog on my DoFollow Blog Directory.


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