Is Your DoFollow Backlink Strategy Working?

I have had a couple of great questions and comments lately that I have answered in comments, but thought I would elaborate on the questions/comments here.

The question had to do with the dofollow blog backlink strategy and if it really works.

As I started writing this post, it got to be pretty long, so I will have divided it into two parts.

This is part #1.

Robert from The Silent Majority asked the question below.
“I have been aggresively pursuing the do follow philosophy. As of yet I have not seen much of a return on my time investment. As I am new at this I assume that I am doing something wrong, any suggestions.”

Sally of Fast Flat Sale was good enough to respond to Robert’s question below.
“Answer to Robert, I too have been commenting on do-follow websites for nearly a month now. I have built up over 1500 backlink in yahoo but only 4 backlinks in Google. I’m not sure why but I know it won’t be an overnight thing, it does take abit of time.”

First of all, Sally is doing the right thing by monitoring the number of backlinks that she is getting.  She knows how many backlinks she is building by checking with Yahoo and Google.  How would you know if your backlink strategy is working, or not, if you aren’t looking at backlink numbers periodically.

Sally also notes a big difference between the number of backlinks Yahoo reports and the number Google reports.  I believe this is normal.  It’s my understanding that Yahoo is a better gauge of actual backlinks, because Google does not want to give too much backlink info away.

So, my suggestion to Robert is to first find out how many backlinks you have from Yahoo. Go to Input your blog into the top Explore URL box.

In the Results you will see the number of pages Yahoo has indexed, and Inlinks, the number of sites pointing back to your site.

Click on the Inlinks button, then I like to select “Except from This Domain” in the Show Inlinks Box, and “Entire Site” in the To box.  This will give you the number of links Yahoo sees pointing to your site from all sites excluding links pointing to other pages on the same site.

When I do this to Robert’s site, I see he does have a good number of links pointing back to his site.  So, it could be Robert is not seeing the results of the backlinks, in terms of visitors, that he is expecting.

Tomorrow, I will finish with part #2 of this discussion on whether the dofollow blog backlink strategy really works.  I will detail what I suggest, to make sure you get the most out of your dofollow blog comments.


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