DoFollow Blog Backlink Strategy Part 2

This is part #2 of the post related to the dofollow blog backlink strategy and if it really works.

In part one of dofollow backlink strategy, Robert was questioning whether his dofollow blog backlink strategy was working.  By looking at the Yahoo backlinks to Roberts site, I found a good number of links pointing back to his blog.

So, I have to question if Robert is thinking his backlink strategy is not working because he is not seeing the traffic he is expecting.

If a lack of traffic is Roberts gauge of success, there may be a few reasons Robert is not seeing a return on his dofollow blog backlink time investment.  Here are the suggestions I gave Robert, with some detail added.

1. Make sure you are using keywords you want to target in the comment title. First look at some comments on the blog to make sure the blog owner allows keywords. Some only approve proper names.  I tend to shy away from dofollow blogs that only allow me to use proper names.  If they allow keyword titles, or they use the KeywordLuv plugin, make sure you use the keywords you are wanting to target.

2. If you are targeting keywords that are too competitive, you are fighting a loosing battle.  For example, if Robert is using a generic keyword such as “politics” for his keywords, he will never rank well due to the amount of competition he will have to face.  He will need to use more targeted keywords that have less competition to get on the first page of Google.

4.  Use different keywords.  If you use the same exact keyword on all blog commenting you do, Google may get suspicious and it may hurt you.  Change up your keywords so you have a variety of related keywords going to your blog.

5.  Don’t always use your main blog for the Website.  Use individual post URLs for some of your comments.  This is often called deep linking, and will help Google find individual posts, and send traffic to them.  Spread those links around to several pages (posts) on your site.

6. Make sure you leave quality comments so your comments are approved.  I delete about half the comments left on my blog.  It’s usually because they are not related to the post being commented, so I know they never read the blog post.  Or, the comment is just a short comment that adds absolutely no value to the blog post.  Don’t waste your time commenting on blogs if you’re not going to do it right.  Make good comments that will get approved.

7. Don’t just comment on the same blogs. It’s okay to comment on the same blogs over and over, especially if they have a Top Commentors plugin installed.  But, you also need to spread your comments out over multiple blogs.

I would also give Robert one more suggestion.  If I were going to spend the time building a lot of backlinks to a website, I would want to do it to a website that I had total control over.  Robert has done a lot of work, created a lot of unique content on

If it were me, I would move the content to a WordPress blog on my own domain and web host.  You can get a domain for less than $10 per year and web hosting for less than $7 per month.  With your own domain, web host and WordPress blog you have more control over your website and you can do more with it.

I hope Robert and Sally don’t mind me using their comments for this post about dofollow blog backlink strategy.  They do get a link back to their sites, so that should help 🙂

Your comments are always welcome, and who knows, your quality comments may lead me to do a post related to your comments and you may get a link back to your site in a blog post – another reason to leave good and related comments.


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