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Is generating dofollow blog backlink traffic really worth the time and effort that it takes to make quality comments on dofollow blogs?  Does it really work?

I am a strong advocate of dofollow blogs, which is why I blog about it, and I can tell you that my experience tells me that it does work.  This blog is a perfect example.

Following are some of the dofollow blog keywords that this blog ranks for Google.

dofollow blogs (Ranks 5 out of 340,000 Results)
dofollow blog list (Ranks 3 out of 1,210,000 Results)
do follow blogs (Ranks 9 out of 80,400,000 Results)
do follow blog (Ranks 3 out of 60,200,000 Results)
do follow blog list (Ranks 4 out of 37,300,000 Results)
do follow blogs list (Ranks 2 out of 42,600,000 Results)
dofollow blog (Ranks 7 out of 460,000 Results)

Furthermore, my Alexa ranking has been dropping steadily and now stands at the 70,709th most popular site on all of the internet.  You need to take Alexa rankings with a grain of salt, but I have seen my blog traffic stats increase as my Alexa rank has dropped.

The great thing is, I haven’t really done anything special to obtain these rankings.  Here is all I have done.
1.  I made the blog dofollow.
2.  I submitted one article to Ezinearticles about dofollow blogging.
3.  I created one video, that is a spoof of the history of dofollow blogs.
4.  I submitted my site to my dofollow blog list.
5.  I have commented on other dofollow blogs.

I can’t tell you how many dofollow blogs I have commented on, because I haven’t tracked it. I can tell you it hasn’t been all that many – less than 30 I would guess.

There is no reason you shouldn’t me able to increase your blog traffic by following the simple steps above.

Here are a couple of more tips that should help you.
1.  Write good, unique content.
2.  When commenting on dofollow blogs, add quality comments.
3.  Vary your link text when commenting on dofollow blogs.
4.  Don’t always link to your main blog post.  Link to specific posts within your blog to get some deep links to individual posts.
5.  Comment on 3 dofollow blogs every day, or so.  That would give you 30 dofollow backlinks in one month, you could have 360 backlinks in a year.
6.  Comment on different dofollow blogs.  Commenting on the same dofollow blogs over and over will not do you as much good as commenting on different blogs on different domains.

Okay, get out there and start building your traffic by creating backlinks from dofollow blog comments.

Let me stress, as I always do, you must make quality comments, related to the post.  If you don’t, your comment will not be approved, or will be deleted.

Happy blogging!


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