Recent DoFollow Blog Directory Changes

I have made a number of significant changes to the DoFollow Blog Directory at

I have blogged about those changes as I have made them, but I thought a short summary was in order since I think a number of users of the directory have missed the recent changes.

For those who have a blog listed in the blog directory:

1.  I am periodically going through blogs in the directory, in a random fashion.  If I review your blog, by looking at comments to see if it is truly dofollow, and if it is family appropriate, I will send a tweet about your blog.

I am sending the tweets from .  This Twitter account is only a few weeks old, and it has 60 followers as of today.  I have no advertising of this Twitter account, other than on this blog and on the front page. So, I assume the followers of the Dofollow Blogs Twitter account are looking for dofollow blogs to comment on.

I expect this account to grow in followers over the next few months, so you could get a lot of eyeballs looking at your blog.

When I review your blog, using the criteria laid out above, if it fails my review I will suspend your blog, and of course not tweet about it.  Hopefully, this will encourage you to remain dofollow.

If you suddenly find your blog has disappeared from the directory, It’s probably because it has been suspended.  If you choose to turn remove nofollow and become dofollow, I will un-suspend your blog after I have manually reviewed it.

2.  Users of the dofollow list now have the ability to report blogs that violate the rules above (Is Dofollow and family appropriate). If your blog is reported, I will review your blog and either okay it, or suspend it.

3.  I have recently added a caching feature to the directory to speed it up.  One of the drawbacks of having a database driven website that gets a good amount of traffic, is that it starts to experience slow load times and database errors.

To solve this, the site now loads pages into a temporary cache, without accessing the database.  This improves load speed.  The only drawback, is that newly added blogs may not appear in the directory right away, it may take up to 10 minutes to appear.

For those of you using the list for finding blogs where you can leave comments:

1.  You now have the ability to report blogs that are not really dofollow.

As stated above, I am also tweeting about manually reviewed dofollow blogs.  You can receive 4-5 daily tweets about blogs that I have personally reviewed and verified to be dofollow.  Just follow

I appreciate your help in cleaning up my dofollow list, to make it the cleanest free dofollow list.

2.  The site should now load faster, see point 3 above 🙂

I hope to make some enhancements soon, like allowing blog owners to have their blogs flagged as using KeywordLuv, and/or CommentLuv.  As a user of the list, is this something you would like to see?

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