Dofollow Blogs and Page Rank

Well, it appears Google has done another page rank update.  So, how did your dofollow blog Page Rank do?  Does having a dofollow blog affect your page rank?

Honestly, I don’t know.  My page ranks have not changed at all – up or down, so I don’t know how they would have been ranked if they were not dofollow.

There are some who believe that your page rank will drop if you are a dofollow blog.  Since you will have more out going links, you will be losing some link juice.  There is probably some truth to that.

I came across Melissa Eaton’s Niche Website Building Tips blog, and she made a post claiming dofollow blogging affected her page rank negatively.  Her PR did drop, and it could have been related to dofollow, or it could be related to some other factors she mentions in her post.

She has turned dofollow off and is going to use a different plugin, that allows you to give your commentors dofollow links after a certain number of posts.

So, you if your PR is negatively affected by dofollow outgoing links, should you turn off dofollow?  Of course that is for you to decide, but here is my view.

Since going dofollow on 4 of my blogs, the page rank has not changed on any of them.  I would have thought that since the last Google update their PR would have increased since they are older, have more incoming links, have more content and have more traffic.

I think there is a strong possibility that my PR could have gone up on at least two of them if they were not dofollow.  So, I have to decide what I would rather have – a better PR, or more traffic.

Since going dofollow on my blogs my traffic has gone up and my Alexa rank has steadily improved on all the blogs.  I really don’t think my traffic would have increased if my blogs were nofollow.

I know that Google PR is important, but I really wonder if it’s as important as it used to be and as important as people believe it is.

I have seen websites with a PR3 or PR4 that I suspect received a high PR because they were ranked on obscure keywords that no one searches for, and they probably don’t have much traffic.  I have seen these sites with an Alexa rank of over 3 million in popularity, when my blogs are steadily dropping to the low 200K in popularity.  FYI, with Alexa lower is better.

I have also seen sites under 50K in Alexa with no PR, or a PR of zero.

So, my belief is – PR, though nice, is not as good as more traffic with a low, or no, PR.  Of course, ideally you would like to have both high PR and a lot of traffic.

I will continue to have dofollow blogs until I have strong evidence that it’s hurting my blogs to the point of costing me traffic.


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