Hiring Out DoFollow Blog Comments

I get Google Alerts on the term “DoFollow Blogs” to keep up with what is going on in the dofollow blog world.  If you don’t know about Google Alerts, I have written a post about how I use Google Alerts to monitor keywords.

For a while I’ve been seeing a number of people looking to hire someone to do their dofollow blog commenting for them.

Commenting on dofollow blogs can be a tedious task, and I have considered hiring someone to do my commenting.  I have seen offers of around $70 to $100 for 100 comments, which seems to be a reasonable price.

Is it a good idea to free up your time to take care of more important things, by having someone building links by commenting on dofollow blogs?

It may be a good idea for you, but there are risks involved.  If you are going to have someone else represent you by commenting with links going to your site, you need to be clear on what you are expecting of that person.

I would be clear about how many comments I want per day.  You don’t want all 100 links done in one day, but rather have them spread out over 2-4 weeks.

You want to make sure your person for hire knows where you want those links placed.  Do you want them on blogs related to your niche?  Do you want them on blogs related to your niche, and they must be dofollow blogs?

Do you want them on dofollow blogs only, preferably related to your niche, but some may be in other niches?  What percentage could be in other niches?

Are there niches you don’t want your comments placed on?  Make sure to spell out where you don’t want them posted.

Do you have Google PR requirements?  For example 20% on PR 4 or above, 30% on PR2 and PR3 and the rest on PR1 and above.

Are you going to provide the blogs to comment on, or are you doing to ask your hire to do that?

Do you require the comments be a certain length?  Perhaps a minimum of 150 characters?

I would be clear that you expect those comments to be quality comments, related to the post.

I would also provide keywords that you want your person to use for the website title, and provide them with the actual links you want them to use.

How are you going to monitor, or spot check, that good comments are being created?  Are you going to ask your person for hire to provide a list of all posts they comment on?

Wow, that’s a lot to ask of someone to do blog commenting, for me anyway.  I really don’t know if I could find someone to do my commenting for around $1 per comment, with all my requirements.

I guess that’s why I’m not hiring out dofollow blog comments.  Plus, I don’t know that I could trust anyone to represent me and my business when it comes to commenting on blogs.  So, I’ll just continue doing it myself.


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