Should I Remain DoFollow?

I have noticed the crap comments on my blog going up recently.  It seems that commenting on dofollow blogs has become a popular link building strategy.

The problem is people are hiring out their blog commenting, or using automated tools to post generic comments that don’t relate to the blog post, or add any value to the blog posts.

This has caused me to question whether I should continue to keep this blog dofollow.  Since this blog is all about dofollow, it would make sense to keep the comments dofollow.

But, there may come a point in time, and it may be soon, that I will have to go nofollow due to the time it takes to monitor and delete crappy comments.

Recently, one of my favorite blogs, Untwisted Vortex, went from dofollow back to nofollow due to people leaving garbage for comments.

I absolutely understand why he needed to do that, and I’m afraid more dofollow blog owners will go back to nofollow because they are starting to get more bad comments than good comments.

For now, I will leave this blog as a dofollow on comments.  But, I will no longer automatically post comments and then come back and delete those comments that are bad.  I will now leave comments in moderation and only publish those that are quality comments.

This may lead to a few day delay in approving good comments since I moderate comments about every other day.

If you are using commenting on blogs as a link building strategy, I will say it again – Please respect the blog owner and leave good, quality comments.  Good comments will also help you improve the chances of someone visiting your site.


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