I Will Send You Tweets of DoFollow Blogs

I have made another change to the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog Directory.

I will be sending Twitter Tweets of blogs in the directory that I have verified to be DoFollow.

This is good news for you if you are looking for DoFollow blogs to comment on.

Unfortunately, some blogs in the DoFollow list are actually nofollow blogs. In order to cleanup the directory and weed out dead blogs and nofollow blogs, I have asked users to report those blogs as they come across them.

In addition, I am randomly reviewing blogs in the directory a number of times a day. As I come across valid dofollow blogs, I will tweet you about them. If they are not dofollow, I will be suspending them.

So, when you follow my Twitter Tweets, you will know that blogs mentioned in those tweets have been verified as being dofollow.

If you have a blog in the DoFollow Blog Directory that has been verified to be a dofollow blog, I will be tweeting your blog.

Initially, I thought about tweeting new blogs as they were submitted to the Followlist.com dofollow blog list, but that would not have been fair to those who have been a member of the list for some time.

So, I will be randomly choosing blogs throughout the day that are dofollow and are family appropriate. All dofollow blogs will be tweeted about once, until all are done, and then I will start the process again.

So, follow me at http://twitter.com/dofollowblogs and keep a look out for your blog.

By the way, if you discover that your blog is no longer in the directory, it is probably because it was tagged as a nofollow blog. The database still contains your blog information, and your blog can be added back into the dofollow list if you make your blog dofollow. Just contact me at my Helpdesk and let me know your blog is now dofollow and provide me with your blog link. If I verify that your blog is dofollow, I will add it back into the directory.

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