New DoFollow Blog Comment Strategy

Today I discovered a new dofollow blog comment strategy. If you have a dofollow blog, you need to know this new strategy. If you comment on dofollow blogs, I have some advice for you.

Dofollow Blog Backlink Traffic

Is generating dofollow blog backlink traffic really worth the time and effort that it takes to make quality comments on dofollow blogs?  Does it really work? I am a strong advocate of dofollow blogs, which is why I blog about it, and I can tell you that my experience tells me that it does work. … Continue reading Dofollow Blog Backlink Traffic

Fun With Do-Follow Blogs

I am an advocate of do-follow blogs. As I started writing about do-follow blogs, versus no-follow blogs I tried to put some fun into it 🙂 Here is a silly video about the history of the nofollw / dofollow tag and do-follow blogs.