I Will Send You Tweets of DoFollow Blogs

I will be sending Twitter Tweets of blogs in the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog directory that I have verified to be DoFollow. This is good news for you if you are looking for DoFollow blogs to comment on.

Please Report Non DoFollow Blogs

You can now report blogs in the followlist.com dofollow blog directory that are nofollow blogs. This will help make the Followlist.com DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keep it free!

New DoFollow Blog List Widget

I have just added a dofollow blog list widget to my blog, and you can get the widget too. You can see the widget in the left column.

Backlinks From The DoFollow Blog Directory

Now you get another dofollow backlink from the FollowList.com dofollow blog directory – and you don’t have to do anything to get it. If your blog is not dofollow yet, it should be. You can find out more about dofollow blogs here.

A Simple Backlink Strategy

As you know, one good way of building backlinks is by posting on dofollow blogs. This is one of my favorite strategies, that’s why this blog exists and why I created my DoFollow Blog Directory. Because I am always interested in building backlinks, a post by Alex Sysoef caught my eye.

Do-Follow Blog Directory – New Feature

Now there are more reasons to add your do-follow blogs to the do-follow blog directory. Social marketing, or sometimes called Web 2.0, is becoming the path to marketing online in 2008. Internet marketing is becoming more about relationship building and community building. That’s why your blog is do-follow right?