Bad Blogging Practices

As I go through blogs in the dofollow blog directory, I run across some interesting blogs. Some are interesting in a good way, and some are interesting in a bad way.

Please Report Non DoFollow Blogs

You can now report blogs in the dofollow blog directory that are nofollow blogs. This will help make the DoFollow Blog Directory, the best DoFollow Blog Directory – and keep it free!

Should I Remain DoFollow?

Should I Remain DoFollow? I have noticed the crap comments on my blog going up recently. It seems that commenting on dofollow blogs has become a popular link building strategy. The problem is people are hiring out their blog commenting, or using automated tools to post generic comments that don’t relate to the blog post, or add any value to the blog posts.

Fun With Do-Follow Blogs

I am an advocate of do-follow blogs. As I started writing about do-follow blogs, versus no-follow blogs I tried to put some fun into it 🙂 Here is a silly video about the history of the nofollw / dofollow tag and do-follow blogs.