DoFollow Blogs Q and A

DoFollow Blogs Questions and Answers. I’ve had a number of questions being asked by people commenting on my blog, so I compiled a list of the most common questions on DoFollow blog and have answered them here.

Number One Spot in Google From WordPress Plugin

I recently obtained a number one listing in Google, and a Wordpress plugin helped me obtain that number one position.

Finding DoFollow Blogs With Google

Finding dofollow blogs is not always an easy task. There are a lot of do follow lists out there, mostly lists on blogs. Most are great lists, but not every dofollow blog owner wants to be on those lists. They are afraid that being on those lists will bring out the comment spammers. Here is a Google search to help you find them.

What are Do-Follow Blogs?

What are “Do Follow” blogs? “Do follow” is the opposite of “No-Follow”. Wordpress blogs, by default, use the HTML nofollow attribute on links that point away from the blog. This no follow attribute comes into play with the posting of blog comments. The no-follow tag tells the search engines NOT to follow the link to any other web sites.