Recent DoFollow Blog Directory Changes

I have made a number of significant changes to the DoFollow Blog Directory at I have blogged about those changes as I have made them, but I thought a short summary was in order since I think a number of users of the directory have missed the recent changes.

DoFollow Blog Backlink Strategy Part 2

Robert was questioning whether his dofollow blog backlink strategy was working. By looking at the Yahoo backlinks to Roberts site, I found a good number of links pointing back to his blog.

Number One Spot in Google From WordPress Plugin

I recently obtained a number one listing in Google, and a Wordpress plugin helped me obtain that number one position.

Fun With Do-Follow Blogs

I am an advocate of do-follow blogs. As I started writing about do-follow blogs, versus no-follow blogs I tried to put some fun into it 🙂 Here is a silly video about the history of the nofollw / dofollow tag and do-follow blogs.