Should I Remain DoFollow?

Should I Remain DoFollow? I have noticed the crap comments on my blog going up recently. It seems that commenting on dofollow blogs has become a popular link building strategy. The problem is people are hiring out their blog commenting, or using automated tools to post generic comments that don’t relate to the blog post, or add any value to the blog posts.

Askimet and Blog Comment Spam

Blog spam is definitely a problem and I don’t want to pretend it isn’t, and anti-spam plugins like Askimet are great plugins. But, if you are moderating comments on your blog, you need to make sure you are flagging true spam as spam with Askimet, and deleting questionable comments.

Criticizing DoFollow Blogs

I follow the dofollow blog movement closely, and I’ve seen a number of blog owners criticize the dofollow blog movement. That’s okay – if every blog owner went dofollow, we would lose the advantage we have being dofollow blog owners.

DoFollow Blogs Q and A

DoFollow Blogs Questions and Answers. I’ve had a number of questions being asked by people commenting on my blog, so I compiled a list of the most common questions on DoFollow blog and have answered them here.

Do-Follow Blog Directory – New Feature

Now there are more reasons to add your do-follow blogs to the do-follow blog directory. Social marketing, or sometimes called Web 2.0, is becoming the path to marketing online in 2008. Internet marketing is becoming more about relationship building and community building. That’s why your blog is do-follow right?