Hiring Out DoFollow Blog Comments

I get Google Alerts on the term “DoFollow Blogs” to keep up with what is going on in the dofollow blog world. For a while I’ve been seeing a number of people looking to hire someone to do their dofollow blog commenting for them.

Should I Remain DoFollow?

Should I Remain DoFollow? I have noticed the crap comments on my blog going up recently. It seems that commenting on dofollow blogs has become a popular link building strategy. The problem is people are hiring out their blog commenting, or using automated tools to post generic comments that don’t relate to the blog post, or add any value to the blog posts.

New DoFollow Blog Comment Strategy

Today I discovered a new dofollow blog comment strategy. If you have a dofollow blog, you need to know this new strategy. If you comment on dofollow blogs, I have some advice for you.

Dofollow Blog Backlink Traffic

Is generating dofollow blog backlink traffic really worth the time and effort that it takes to make quality comments on dofollow blogs?  Does it really work? I am a strong advocate of dofollow blogs, which is why I blog about it, and I can tell you that my experience tells me that it does work. … Continue reading Dofollow Blog Backlink Traffic

Blogging Goals for 2009

I’ve been thinking (always a scary thought) about my blogging goals for 2009. Do you have blogging goals for 2009? If so, I’d love to know what they are.

DoFollow Blog Lists Not Always Accurate

How accurate are dofollow blog lists? Most dofollow blog lists contain blogs that are actually nofollow. If you check blogs on these lists using the SEO for Firefox extension before you comment on blogs you have probably already discovered this.

DoFollow Blog Comment Spam

As this blog becomes more popular I am seeing more comments that, though not obviously spam, add no value to the post or comments of others. Therefore, these comments are seen by me to be spam comments.

DoFollow Blog Comment Rules

DoFollow Blog Comment Rules: My blogs have been dofollow for a few months now, and for the most part it is going very well. However, I do get a few comments that I will NOT approve because they are obvious comment spam. Here are some real life examples of what I consider comment spam that I will not approve.