Weekly DoFollow Blogs Tweets for 2010-02-14

More verified dofollow blogs, tweeted by dofollow blogs. Some of the dofollow niches include antique dolls, building muscle,jewelry, real estate, seo, leadership, dieting and more niche dofollow blogs.

Deleting Dofollow Blog Comments

Proper commenting on dofollow blogs is key to maintaining those links long term. Leaving bad comments is sure to result in not getting those incoming links. Here are two more types of comments that I will delete.

DoFollow Blog Lists Not Always Accurate

How accurate are dofollow blog lists? Most dofollow blog lists contain blogs that are actually nofollow. If you check blogs on these lists using the SEO for Firefox extension before you comment on blogs you have probably already discovered this.

VIP Essentials Special Bonus

I’ve been using the VIP Essentials blog review template program for a few months now, and I love it. I like it so much I have spent time improving the standard VIP Essentials template, to improve the review template SEO, and to social bookmark enable it.

How Do I Know if A Blog is Do-Follow?

You may be wondering if your blog is setup to do-follow, by disabling the nofollow attribute. Or, you may want to comment on a blog but you aren’t sure whether they are do-follow or not. If you have your own hosted Wordpress blog, and you have not installed a plugin to disable nofollow, then chances are very good that your blog is NOT do-follow.