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I’ve been using the VIP Essentials blog review template program for a few months now, and I love it. I like it so much I have spent time improving the standard VIP Essentials template, to improve the review template SEO, and to social bookmark enable it.

When you buy the VIP Essentials from me you will get my special VIP Essentials Special Bonus for free. The bonus includes all of the improvements I made to my blog review site.

I don’t normally promote someone else’s products on my blogs, but this is a great product to help you get started making money with WordPress blogs.

The VIP Essentials Blog strategy involves using a simple review type of site to promote affiliate programs. The developer of this system, calls his review type sites – conduit sites.

vip essentials bonus
vip essentials bonus

The best part of this system, is it uses WordPress, so it’s easy to create new pages and,as you know, the search engines love these types of pages.

This complete “VIP Essentials package”, gives you the templates and instructions for building Conduit sites.

I put together my first Conduit site using the VIP Essentials blog template a few weeks ago, and have already made a few sales – from just one site.

Here is my Quick Review Of site, that uses the VIP Essentials WordPress Review Template.

I love this concept of building affiliate review sites within WordPress. It’s really just a matter of gathering information about products you want to promote, and then copying and pasting the product information into the appropriate fields in WordPress.

You don’t have to know HTML and create, modify or update static HTML web pages. This WordPress Review site system makes creating review pages very easy.

Like I stated earlier, the search engines love blogs. With a few pings and a little social bookmarking, there’s no reason your blog shouldn’t be indexed in Google in a day – meaning you could start receiving traffic in a day – like I did.

Just spend about an hour a day adding a new page a day, and watch your paydays grow as your website grows. Okay, I haven’t been very good about adding pages every day, but surprisingly, I have some high search engine positions for the keywords I am targeting with my niche review blog posts.

The VIP Essentials WordPress template is great, and works well out of the box. However, it wasn’t setup to use some of the WordPress plugins that I like. So, I had to make a few changes to the template to use my favorite plugins properly.

I also improved the search engine optimization of the template, and added an RSS feed button and social bookmarking buttons.

If you are interested in easily creating an affiliate product review site, this is something you need to check out.

I love this WordPress review site builder, so here’s what I’ll do for you. When you purchase the VIP Essentials through me, I’ll give you the changes I made to the templates – the VIP Essentials Bonus.

You’ll just need to copy the files I changed to your web host (If you don’t have your own web host, website, see below for a special deal).

I’ll also provide you with my favorite plugins, and some information on how to use them properly. Again, you’ll just need to copy the plugins to your WordPress plugin folder, turn them on and make a few changes to the settings.

These templates and plugins will make your review site a lean, mean, easy to use, SEO machine.

I’ll also provide you with any help you need getting your first VIP Essentials Review site setup and running properly.

So, it’s time to get your VIP Essentials Review Site Builder and get started.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Purchase VIP Essentials.
2. Contact my Helpdesk and give me your Paypal receipt number

I’ll then be in touch and let you know how to get the files I modified to enhance the review system.

Special Deal:

If you don’t have a web host, I will buy you a domain, give you a free months web hosting ($5.95 a month after your first month) and setup your first affiliate review site, with a review already installed for only $35.

You can have your first affiliate promotion website, and not have to do any work getting it setup – and you can have it in a few days!

This additional fee is for purchasing you a domain name, and my time to setup your site. This is in addition to the VIP Essentials package which you will need to purchase. Your site would be similar to

Here is what you need to do:
1. Purchase the Blog Review Template
2. Contact my Helpdesk, give me your Paypal receipt number, and let me know you want the “Special Install Deal”.

Okay, grab your VIP Essentials bonus and get started using this simple blog money making strategy today.


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